How to Know if You Need a Retaining Wall

Maintaining a well-landscaped yard is the goal of every homeowner. There are a variety of factors that go into this—the level of maintenance you’re willing to commit to, the types of plantings you utilize and the impact on the surrounding environment are all things you’ll want to consider. Sometimes, manipulating the landscape itself is one of the biggest challenges of all.

You want to get the land into a position where you feel comfortable that you’re using it in the most productive way possible. Sometimes that involves the use of retaining walls in New Germany, MN—these versatile walls can really help you out in a number of ways. Our experienced team of technicians is ready with the tips below to help get you started on exploring whether a retaining wall can suit your landscaping needs.

What is a retaining wall?

Simply put, a retaining wall is a manmade wall structure that can help restrain and control soil and land that would otherwise be at risk of eroding or collapsing. It can help protect land and structures from the type of collapses that can plague landscaping.

Know your location

The location of homes throughout our area can vary as much as our landscape and our weather—which is to say, a lot. Home landscaping in New Germany, MN can be an exciting challenge primarily because of the diversity and variety of landscapes that we work with. Learning about these different scenarios is one of the best parts of our business at Garden Market and Landscape, and it’s something we take seriously.

Learning the lay of the land of each client’s yard can mean a lot in terms of what we recommend in terms of plans. If your home happens to be situated at the bottom of an incline, particularly a steep one such as a hill, then you might want to consider a retaining wall to help shore up that land and protect your home.

Be aware of your foundation

Your home’s foundation can be at risk from erosion from all around your home. Factors like inclines (steep or otherwise) and the presence of loose soil can help contribute to conditions that might be ripe for the type of erosion that can be catastrophic for a building’s foundation. In this scenario it likely makes sense to explore retaining walls in New Germany, MN, as they can be a very useful tool in ensuring that your home’s foundation is protected against any sort of erosion that can damage it. Our team of landscaping pros can also help you determine if your foundation might be at risk for this type of damage.

Using a retaining wall in New Germany, MN is something you’ll want to consider if you’re of the belief that your home or property might be at risk of erosion. It’s a worthwhile expenditure to look into if you think your home might be at any risk whatsoever—it’s very difficult to put a price on peace of mind, so give Garden Market and Landscape a call today and let our experienced team take a look at your specific situation.

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