Landscape Lighting Environment, Surrounding, Intruders.

Enhancing the Environment

In our lighting plans we may want to showcase a partially attractive aspect of the client’s property. It may be an interesting piece of art that needs a spotlight, or flower bed illuminated. Maybe it’s a pool or lily pond that deserves some added attention. Or you may just want to enhance the overall beauty of the property. Whatever aspect of the property you wish to bring to life. Garden Market and Landscape lighting will beatify your environment.

Creating a Safe Surrounding

Features like steps, rocks and shrubs can become obstacles or even safety hazards after dark. Instead of relying on flashlights or blinding floodlights, our clients can install path and step lighting to endure safe passage from point A to point B in fact, any change in elevation (steps, edger’s, a deck, or terrace, etc.) should be illuminated for safety.

Discourage Intruders

A well-lit house, is the most effective deterrent to potential burglars. However, the glaring floodlights of the past are not as protective as once thought. Because, while floodlights create pools of light, they also create pockets of shadow – often close to widows – where thieves can hide. Garden Market and Landscape installs fixtures not only for to beautify the property, but also fill in those areas of darkness, tastefully directing illumination precisely where it’s needed most.

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